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Admin Guide 1. Abiquo
Distributed Install - 1. Server

Installing Abiquo Enterprise Server

This section will guide you through the required steps to install Abiquo
Enterprise Edition Server and all its dependencies using the Abiquo Installer ISO.


To follow this document you will need to burn the Abiquo Platform installer ISO to a CD and boot your server from it.

Step 1. Boot from the CD or ISO image

At the boot up screen, hit the <Enter> key.

Step 2. Test the media (optional)

If the Abiquo ISO image was burnt to a CD you have the option of testing the
media. This could take 15-20 minutes but is recommended to rule out defective media in case of installation problems.

Step 3. Welcome screen

After completing step 3, the graphical setup screen will appear. Click <Next>.

Step 4. Select your keyboard and click <Next>

Step 5. Choose the Advanced installation and click <Next>

Step 6. Partition the disk

The installer will search for any Abiquo installations and will allow you to partition
the disk. Selecting the default will create a logical volume of 10 GB. If this is a new installation, you can remove all partitions:

Step 7. Set up networking

Either use DHCP or click <Edit> to enter a fixed IP address.

a. DHCP: click <Next> to go on.

b. Fixed IP address

Enter the server IP address. For the "Prefix" enter its subnet mask (in CIDR notation or dotted format). Disable IPv6 support and click <OK>. Back at the networking screen, enter a hostname:

Enter the values under "Miscellaneous Settings" and click <Next>.

Step 8. Select your location and click <Next>:

Step 9. Enter your root password and click <Next>:

If you need remote assistance, your Abiquo support representative will need this

Step 10. Select Distributed Install from Abiquo Platform components and click <Next>

Step 11. Select the Distributed Install components

To install the Server, select Abiquo Server and uncheck everything else. Click <Next> to continue.

Step 12. Ready to install

The final installation screen will appear. Click <Next> to continue

The installation process usually takes 5-10 minutes, depending on your hardware.
You will get the following screen at the end of the installation. Click the <Reboot>
button to continue

Log In to the Web Client

Once you have installed all the platform components, use your web browser to go to the site address for the Abiquo Server:


The default login and password are "admin" and "xabiquo", respectively.


Abiquo is compiling a troubleshooting document, which will be posted and circulated
when it is ready.

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