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Abiquo 2.3

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The Cloud Cluster Network is the orange network in the above diagram. It connects the Virtual Machines in the Cloud. Application and Services delivery traffic will use this network. Hence, Virtual Machines created with Abiquo use this network to communicate with each other. For example, a Java application running on Virtual Machine X can connect to a MySQL server running on Virtual Machine Y on this network.

Abiquo manages this network on different levels:

  • Virtual Datacenter isolation in VLANs. Every Virtual Datacenter is on a different VLAN to avoid network overlap and guarantee isolation. The VLAN scheduler automatically allocates racks and VLAN tags but it can be adjusted to ensure efficient use of network and computing resources. See VLAN Allocation Algorithm for further information.
  • IP and MAC address binding at deployment time. When a Virtual Machine is created, Abiquo generates a unique MAC address and binds it to an IP from the Virtual Datacenter subnet and assigns it to the appropriate VLAN. Abiquo can remotely manage ISC DHCP Servers, guaranteeing that the DHCP server will always lease the configured IP to the MAC address assigned to the Virtual Machine. Thus Virtual Machine networking can be configured automatically. Remember that the DHCP server should be configured to listen to VLANs and it should be reachable from the Virtual Machines so they can obtain the IP leases. Abiquo recommends the use of a DHCP relay server to provide VLAN support. See Configuring DHCP in the Administrator's Guide for information about how Abiquo uses DHCP.

In the above diagram, the IP range has the format 10.0.0.x. It's possible to configure the initial Class A network and the VLAN tags.

The Cloud Cluster Network can include:

  • internal networks within virtual datacenters
  • external networks within enterprises

Abiquo recommends at least a 1 Gb NIC per host for this network. Depending on the number of Virtual Machines running on the host, you will need to add more NICs. The size of this network changes according to the number of Virtual Machines that your host can handle. The number of VLANs per Abiquo rack and the number of Virtual Datacenters running in that rack are usually limited by VLAN support in the switch for that rack. Thus it is important to ensure use of VLANs to ensure the efficient use of all computing resources.


In Abiquo 2.3, you can use more than one virtual switch, dvSwitch or network interface card for connecting each hypervisor to the public and external networks. Network cards and VLAN networks are tagged with Network Service Types