Abiquo 2.3

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The Abiquo platform enables Service Providers and Enterprises to build multi tiered Cloud IAAS services. Cloud Administrators are provided with a flexible platform where they can provide Controlled Self Service to the Cloud users. Users are presented with an intuitive easy to use interface and new virtual environments are created by simply dragging and dropping templates that have been provided by the Cloud Admin. The GUI interface and be completely white labelled to provide a corporate brand to the self service interface. All of the Abiquo functions that can be performed through the GUI are also available through a RESTful API, which allows for additional integration or automated configuration of the platform.

The outstanding features of the Abiquo Platform include:

  • Hypervisor agnostic cloud platform that can integrate legacy technology resources
  • Enforceable resource limits 
  • Fine-grained privileges system for control of multiple cloud tenants (Abiquo enterprises)
  • Customizable graphical user interface for individual cloud tenants using Abiquo's Theme Generator application
  • Self-service deployment of virtual machines
  • Full-function Rest API for integration with custom dashboards and other applications
  • Accounting system and billing integration with external systems through CSV/DBMS or custom integration, e.g. Zuora
  • Abiquo Reporting add-on for platform control, management and planning
  • Virtual to Virtual Conversion with a single drag-and-drop operation to convert virtual machine images to any other hypervisor supported by the product, including VMWare to Hyper-V and so on.

The Documentation on this site will walk you how to create and manage the Abiquo Platform. For information about proof of concept testing and pricing options please contact one of our representatives. Our contact details can be found on the "Contact us" page of www.abiquo.com.


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