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Abiquo 2.3

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Represented as the blue network in the above diagram, the Management Network connects the Abiquo Server components to the Cloud Cluster. The following traffic will pass through this network:

  • Hypervisors management
  • Abiquo Agents management
  • Hypervisors and Agents events
  • Virtual Images cloning and bundling.
  • Virtual Storage management
  • ISC DHCP Server management

Hypervisors, Abiquo agents, Virtual Storage and ISC DHCP Server traffic are frequent and rather small making its impact on the overall performance of the network limited and predictable. Virtual Images cloning and bundling traffic on the other hand, is infrequent, but random and generally large. The impact of this on the overall performance of the network is unpredictable and significant.

It is possible to implement some level of Quality of Service (QoS) system to guarantee the minimum amount of bandwidth needed to manage the platform excluding Virtual Images cloning and bundling.

The diagram that the network as a class C like 192.168.x.x. This is an example and the only requirement is that this network must not overlap with existing networks.

Abiquo recommends a 1Gbit NIC per host for this network. This NIC is attached to the host server and does not share the traffic with other networks.


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