Abiquo 2.3

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This section describes the network configuration of the Abiquo platform.

Abiquo Platform Network Configuration

The requirements of Abiquo do not differ greatly from those of a fully virtualized environment in a datacenter. This configuration enables you to maximize server consolidation and significantly reduce costs.

You can set up a minimal Cloud Platform with a single NIC per server. This NIC manages all the traffic of each network type, and this can be suitable for testing purposes, but it is not adequate for production environments.

If you are considering Abiquo for production environments, then you need a minimum of three NICs per server: one to connect to the Management Network, a second to connect to the Cloud Cluster Network, and a third for the Public Network to connect to Internet. If you want to deploy Abiquo Enterprise you will need an extra NIC to connect to the Storage Network. Abiquo recommends NIC teaming for redundancy.

Each network has different attributes because of the nature of the traffic over it. This is the list of basic features of the network devices required:

  • Use NICs and Network Devices with transmission speed rates above 1Gb.
  • Use dedicated switches for the platform.

Abiquo supports 802.1q VLANs for all types of network. VLANs allow Abiquo to provide many separate networks that are isolated within virtual datacenters.

The following sections describe the management, cloud, public and storage networks configured for the Abiquo platform.

The following diagram gives an overview of the basic network topology of the Abiquo platform.


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