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Abiquo 2.3

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 Abiquo 2.3 GA 20121130

Release Notes 2.3 GA

1. Platform Changes

1.1. New Features and Improvements

Abiquo 2.3 contains the following new features and improvements.

4076Network Service Type: tag multiple virtual switches/dVSwitches/NICs on your hypervisors for different public and external VLAN networks


VMware ESX 5.1 compatibility
4485VMotion support between different versions of ESX

Click on the new feature name in the table to see the documentation. In general, guides to new features can be found under the New Features page for each version of Abiquo. New or substantially modified documentation is labelled with the release number e.g. v23. Search for the label in the wiki search box to bring up a list of documentation.

1.2. Workflow Changes

  • Managing Physical Machines: The screen to Create a Physical Machine has changed with new tabs and the new Network Service Type feature.

1.3. Property Changes

There are NO new properties in Abiquo 2.3. To support direct upgrades between Abiquo 2.0-HF7 and Abiquo 2.3, the changes to properties in 2.2 are marked in this documentation for Abiquo 2.3.

New Flex GUI Properties in v2.2

New properties are marked with a (star) in the New column of the properties table.

You can now configure these UI properties in abiquo.properties so that you do not have to reapply them to client-config.xml.jsp after Abiquo upgrade.

  1. client.GOOGLE_MAPS_KEY
  3. client.SERVER_ADDRESS

New Properties in v2.2

New properties are marked with a (star) in the New column of the properties table.

  1. abiquo.api.networking.nicspervm
  2. abiquo.api.networking.allowMultipleNicsVlan
  3. abiquo.vcenter.port.connection
  4. abiquo.vi.check.delay
  5. abiquo.vsm.xen.refresh.retries
  6. abiquo.vsm.xen.refresh.mstosleep
  7. abiquo.tasks.trimmer.delay
  8. abiquo.tasks.history.size
  9. abiquo.rabbitmq.connectionTimeout
  10. abiquo.rabbitmq.requestedHeartbeat
  11. abiquo.server.blockduplicatedsessions (Note that this property was present in 2.0-HF6 but not 2.2 Beta

Changes to Properties in v2.2

 Properties that have been changed in this version are marked with the (warning) symbol in the New column of the properties table.

  1. abiquo.dvs.portgroup.loadsharingmechanism - the default value of this property in Abiquo has changed from loadbalance_srcid to loadbalance_ip.
  2. RemoteDisplay.vnc.keyMap

Deprecated Properties in v2.2

  1. abiquo.server.networking.vlanPerVdc - Set the Estimated VLANs per VDC in the GUI or vlanPerVdcReserved in the API when you create a Rack.
  2. abiquo.vsm.subscriber.delay - Force a subscription to VSM for all the deployed virtual machines managed by Abiquo (milliseconds)

1.4. Resolved Bugs and Known Issues

1.4.1. Resolved Bugs


3005Incorrect message when trying to delete a DHCP Remote Service
4018Cannot download an image again after it was removed from the NFS outside of Abiquo
4216Cannot put an external/unmanaged IP into quarantine
4287If a DVD is drive is added via the hypervisor, this is not reflected in the VM when the machine is captured.
4293The event generated when a conversion fails does not have the name of the template and template formats in the right places
4360License added and license removed events are not recorded
4379VSM sends a DESTROY of an existing virtual machine when ESX is overloaded
4380When attaching a volume to a VM, if there is a reconfigure error, then refreshing the state of the machine fails
4397Flash player crashes when deleting a failed persistent template without selecting the VDC
4401API 500 internal server error creating a storage pool with an invalid format in a link of the XML
4405Javax error sending an email to owners of physical machine when virtual machines have been retrieved
4410The conversions of an instance are not deleted when removing the instance
4411When creating an instance, a conversion to Raw remains on the NFS
4413Server response error when creating an enterprise and editing a datacenter before saving the enterprise
4417VMs that are powered off or paused are not counted in dashboard statistics


A user without Infrastructure privileges should not be able to see enterprise hard limits on the dashboard

4420Server error is shown getting the external VLANs from an enterprise without a datacenter associated
4423Wrong error is shown when putting an external IP into quarantine
4428All limits are being checked unnecessarily when creating volumes, private networks and purchasing IPs
4444Modified storage volumes lose storage tier in accounting tables
4458An Enterprise-admin cannot generate the missing conversions
4459A persistent image cannot be moved from KVM to ESX
4460When attaching a volume to a VM, the NICs are reordered numerically
4464On a Cloud in a Box, cannot create an instance from a persistent virtual machine template
4466Power On/Off, Pause and Reset do not work from the Infrastructure screen
4468Get through API virtualmachinetemplates for an entrerprise whithout permissions on this template
4484A javax error appears when accessing the Chef tab of a VM without a connection to the Chef server
4486Public IPs should have the "publicnetwork" link relative to the virtual datacenter
4489Cannot deploy more than one VM at a time in Xenserver
4490If a hard limit and soft limit are reached at the same time, the displayed popup is wrong
4491Synchronizing remote VMs with Abiquo VMs does not work with VMs created from conversions
4492When creating clone templates of a persistent using different tiers, all of them are created in the same tier
4493When modifying a persistent virtual machine template and editing a template, the wrong trace is generated
4495When an "external storage" hard limit is reached by increasing the size of a volume, the wrong popup is shown
4496Disabling DVD on a virtual machine does not remove the entry from the DB
4497Cannot delete a VM in KVM if its disk does not exist on the datastore

Blank server response error when saving a new enterprise

4501With a concurrent deploy in KVM, sometimes one VM is not deployed
4507Warning messages have a corner cross that has not been included in branding
4508Abiquo fails to deploy when there are vCenter Folders
4527Volumes attached to a VM disappear from the list
4552Error accessing vApp caused by a network interface that is not properly assigned
4578In the private network details, the interface is not associated with the default NST
4586There are no events related to network service types
4587Problem doing Vmotion when there are different NSTs for dvSwitches

Error server response when enterprise admin is uploading a new template from local file into Apps Library

4602Update wiki links to 2.3 wiki pages
4604Upgrading from 2.0 to 2.2 the unmapped NetApp volumes cannot be used until they are mapped manually or using the mapping tool
4612When modifying a network interface, if the interface is already in use, the message given should be improved
4614Persistent instance fails due to InitiatorMapping errors
4642Public VLANs created in Abiquo 1.8 cause errors in VM networks
4644In some circumstances ESX changes the disk name or reference, this causes a problem generating an instance
4663Allocator is not able to allocate multiple VMs when reaching the PM limits
4679Wrong default remote repository shown

1.4.2. Known Issues

The following known issues will be resolved in the Abiquo 2.4



4579AIM fails to tear down interfaces in KVM CentOS 6
4685A template with a space in its name does not finish uploading