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This page contains suggested labels for Abiquo 2.4


intro current admin user dev addon howto arch template repository nfsrepo nfs dhcp network storage lvm netapp mysql mysql55 centos6 centos proxy cache client tomcat dvs esx esxi kvm virtualbox remoteservice abiquoserver v2v vbox xen xenserver hyperv hyper ovf property privilege accounting reporting branding configure prerequisities systemproperties deploy undeploy virtualappliance vm vapp highavailability ha api appliancemanager virtualfactory vlan chef instance persistent volume iqn lun hba bpm am vsm nodecollector discoverymanager layer theme flex limits allocation allowed datacenter role scope rack machine vdc virtualdatacenter appliancelibrary appslib upload upgrade update releasenotes restricted reserved redis reports accounts dto ucs managed error event action infrastructure prerequisite prereq install installer troubleshooting troubleshoot port firewall monolithic distributed cloudinabox ciab ssm Edit Labels