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In Abiquo 3.8, the accounting and billing integrations have been extended to account for datastore tiers on hypervisors in private cloud datacenters. The existing functionality used to account for local storage of virtual machines on hypervisor datastores has not been changed.

Changes to storage tiers

The number of tiers for accounting and billing of external storage in Abiquo 3.8 is no longer limited to 4 tiers. The number of local datastore storage tiers is also unlimited.

Accounting for datastore tiers

There is a new VirtualMachine-vtierhd parameter for enabling datastore tier accounting.
And a new accounting_event_ds_storage table has been created for datastore tiers. Remember that this is a master table and you should add it to your backup. This new data is associated with the idAccountingResourceType = 13. The consumption of datastore tier storage is accounted in bytes.

Billing for datastore tiers

With tiered datastores enabled in accounting, you can also enable them for billing. For example, to enable them in the billing properties or CSV properties file, you would use the local_tier_storage_usage property and the associated tier number and name properties. The functionality is the same as for external storage tiers.

Upgrading accounting and billing

Remember to back up your accounting and billing systems before you upgrade. The new datastore tiers accounting functionality is optional. Remember to prepare your billing system to accept the new format and data. When you restart the billing system, new output will be generated. By default a CSV file is generated at end of day and a DBMS table is generated at billing startup. If you enable datastore tiers, the first output generated after upgrade will have the new format and data.