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Introduction to Changes to Backups in 3.8.5

Abiquo 3.8.5 introduces backup policies that give administrators greater control over the backups that cloud users can perform and enable users to select from more clearly defined options that are aligned with service level agreements. However, using backup policies the administrator can still allow users to select from backup types, configure timing, and select data elements to back up.

In Abiquo 3.8.5 backup policies are compatible with existing backup systems because we have only added these new elements to the existing backup system. During the upgrade to 3.8.5, the upgrade scripts create backup policies based on the existing backup configurations allowed for each datacenter. Then the scripts allow tenants to access these backup policies and assign them to virtual machines. Existing backups are not affected. Users can create and change VM backups and an existing backup integration can read them in the same way as before. 

Changes to virtual machine backup interface

In Abiquo 3.8.5+, on the Edit virtual machine dialog, under the Backup tab there is a new Backup policies tab. This tab displays the backup configurations that were previously shown under the different backup type tabs: Snapshot, Filesystem, and Complete. The backup(s) assigned to the virtual machine will be selected. The user can select policies, click the link to Show details of the backup, and configure backup details as in previous versions. 


Configure backup policies in the datacenter

There are some changes to how the administrator will configure backups in the Abiquo backup front-end to Abiquo backup integrations (with backup systems such as Veeam and Avamar). The administrator should first configure backup policies properties. Then they should create backup policies and allow enterprises to access them.

To configure backup policies in the datacenter:

  1. In Infrastructure view, open the datacenter and go to the Backup policies tab
    1. Set the backup properties by clicking Edit properties and selecting from the following list:
      • Enable multiple restore: user can restore a backup more than once
      • Enable multiple backup policies: user can select more than one backup policy for a VM
      • Enable update while deployed: user can change backup policies when the VM is deployed
    2. Create backup policies
      1. Click the + Button and the create dialog will open
      2. Enter the Name, Code and Description to identify the backup to your users

      3. Select the backup type: Snapshot, Filesystem or Complete, then select appropriate the options
        • Administrators can define the level of configuration in a similar way for date and time. For example, for backup time:
          • Fixed time: set by the administrator
          • Define time in VM: user must have privilege Manage virtual machine backup schedule or they cannot save the VM with the backup
          • Do not use time: the time will be determined by the backup system
        • Users must have backup privileges to configure backups and backup details
        • Some details can only be configured for an individual VM, for example, disk selections

To set the backups available to each tenant:

  1. In Users view, edit the tenant, and edit an allowed datacenter
  2. Open the Backup policies tab
  3. To allow a backup policy, mark the checkbox beside the policy

When users create a virtual machine, they can select from the allowed backup policies and select from the available options according to their user privileges.

Changes to virtual machine metadata

The upgrade process should convert existing backups to use backup policies with no changes to existing metadata. This means that in Abiquo 3.8.5, an existing backup integration can read the virtual machine metadata of all previous and new backups.

Backup policies

A new backup policyBindings section has been added to virtual machine metadata. This section specifies all the backup types in the backup policy or policies that are assigned to this virtual machine. Each backup type is identified by the unique code of the backup policy that it belongs to.  

    "policyBindings": {
      "complete": {
        "daily": "ABCDEH",
        "hourly": "ABCDEI",
        "weekly_planned": "ABCDEI"

Backup schedule delegated to backup system

When creating a backup policy, if the administrator selects "Do not use time" or "Do not use date", then this option will be registered in the backup policy as "NOT_APPLY".

In this case, Abiquo will create the virtual machine backup without backup schedule details.

The following example shows backup metadata that Abiquo created when the policy had the "Do not use time" and "Do not use date" options.

As always, the backup administrator must configure the backup system to perform the appropriate backups corresponding to the user backup requests in Abiquo.

  "links": [],
  "metadata": {
    "policyBindings": {
      "filesystem": {
        "weekly_planned": "ABCDEJ"
    "backupSchedule": {
      "policies": [
      "filesystem": {
        "weekly_planned": {
          "paths": [


Changes to the Abiquo API

The Abiquo 3.8 API is compatible with any existing backup integrations. Changes in Abiquo 3.8.5 are at the datacenter level and do not affect integrations interacting with virtual machines.

Two new resources and several new methods have been added to the Abiquo API to manage backup properties and backup policies.

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