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Backup changes in Abiquo 3.8.6

Abiquo 3.8.6 introduces the following changes to Backups: 

  • Support for restore in Avamar
  • The manual backup option for datacenters to create a Backup now button on the Backups tab when a user edits a virtual machine.

Enable Backup now feature in datacenter

Abiquo 3.8.6 supports Backup now in the Avamar backup plugin only

The administrator can enable the manual backup option through the UI or the API. To enable it in the UI, open the datacenter to the Backup policies tab and click the Edit properties button. Select the option to Enable backup now. 

This will set the "enableManualBackup" to true for the Backup datacenter properties.

Create a manual backup now

When the User edits the virtual machine configuration, Abiquo will always display the Backup now button in the top right-hand corner of the of the Backup tab.

When the user clicks this button, the Abiquo UI will request request an immediate backup through the Abiquo API.

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