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This documentation is not complete for Abiquo 3.8.0 because some UI changes are projected for Abiquo 3.8.1

Added noVNC to replace TightVNC

In Abiquo 3.8, noVNC is the default remote access application that will open when users click the eye icon.

You can brand the user interface. See Branding noVNC

Changes to Branding Documentation

The branding Style Guide document has been updated and extended.

See Abiquo_UI_Style_Sheet_v38.pdf

Changes to User Interface Labels

See UI Labels and click on the "view change" link at the top of the page.  This will show the differences between Abiquo 3.6 GA and Abiquo 3.8 GA.

General UI changes

  • When users create a virtual machine and create NICs, the platform will now automatically select a gateway. This is the gateway of the network of the first NIC
  • The diskcontroller column has been added to the disk grids to display the controller of the primary disk
  • Events can be filtered by tracer message
  • Popups close when the user clicks the forward or back arrows of the browser

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