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Managing privileges

A user's role has a list of privileges that determine the Abiquo user's ability to perform actions on the platform. See Privileges for a complete list.  


  • You cannot modify the privileges of your own role
  • You cannot modify the privileges of the default Cloud Admin user's role (CLOUD_ADMIN)
    • This role has all privileges and it is locked
    • In the display, the privileges of a locked role are grayed out
  • You can only manage privileges that are also assigned to your own role
    • If you do not have a privilege, you cannot assign or modify that privilege for another role
  • All privileges are independent (unless otherwise documented). For example, a user whose role does not have the Access Infrastructure view privilege will not be able to see the Infrastructure view icon in the GUI. However, if this user's role has the privileges Manage datacenters and View datacenter details, the user will be able to access these functions through the API.

Before you begin:

  • To modify a role's privileges, you will need the Manage privileges and Access roles screen privileges

To modify a role's privileges:

  1. Select a role from the Roles list
  2. In the Privileges pane, click a checkbox to add or remove the privilege. 
    1. To add all the privileges in a group, click the All privileges checkbox beside the group name
  3. Save the changes by clicking Save
    1. Any other action outside of the Privileges pane will discard your changes, for example, clicking on another role name