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When you create a volume of managed storage, the platform will automatically add it to a pool in the selected tier or default tier. 

When you create a hard disk, which can be a system disk or extra hard disk, the platform will automatically add it to a datastore in the selected tier or default tier.

Abiquo chooses the pool or datastore using the storage allocation method set for the tier in the datacenter.

To configure the storage allocation policy:

  1. Go to Infrastructure view, open the datacenter and click on the Storage tab and Tiers tab, or Datastore tiers tab
  2. Select the tier and click the edit button
    Storage tier:

    Datastore tier:
  3. Select the storage allocation method and click Save

The possible values of storage allocation method property are: performance and progessive. The default method is progressive. 

Abiquo chooses a pool as follows:

  • Performance - the pool with the most available space
  • Progressive - the pool with the least available space