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Abiquo supports collectd for custom metrics collection. The Abiquo-collectd-plugin automatically pushes the values gathered by collectd to the Abiquo API. There is a new Abiquo API endpoint that the plugin uses to perform the push. As with other custom metrics, the Abiquo API then pushes the collectd metrics to the Abiquo Monitoring Server.

Installation and Configuration Overview

The Tenant Administrator or User configures the collectd application (authentication and permissions) using OAuth in Abiquo. A user must have the “Allow user to push own metrics” privilege and assign this privilege to the plugin.

Users install collectd on their virtual machines, and then install the Abiquo collectd plugin (from source or using the Abiquo Chef cookbook).

The user configures their metrics in collectd.

The Abiquo collectd plugin automatically pushes all collectd metrics to the Abiquo API in PUTVAL JSON format.

Suggested Installation and Configuration Using Chef

Abiquo recommends the following use case:

  1. The enterprise administrator, who manages the Chef server for the tenant, creates the monitoring application with only the "Allow user to push own metrics" privilege.
    See Manage OAuth Applications
  2. The enterprise administrator creates a role on the Chef server with:
    1. The monitoring recipes to install the Abiquo collectd plugin
    2. The OAuth tokens for the application configured
  3. The users do not need to configure anything. They can just select the the appropriate role (from the default Chef view with no need to check individual recipes) and they are ready to go (no need to configure attributes in JSON).
This use case is recommended because the OAuth application belongs to the tenant administrator. This means that the configuration is already prepared for users by the enterprise administrator and it is also protected from users when they load their recipes, etc.

Collectd website:

Abiquo-collectd plugin:

Install Abiquo-collectd plugin with Abiquo Chef cookbook:

Abiquo API VM resource: VirtualMachineResource and VirtualMachineMetricsResource

API Example

An example of a request to update a virtual machine with the collectd metrics specification.

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API example removed: POST_cld_vdcs_X_vapps_X_vms_X_collectd_CT_app_j
You can download the API examples archive from