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User's Guide. 4. Virtual Datacenters

You can work with virtual machines, networks and storage in Virtual datacenters view

The Virtual Datacenters view is where enterprise administrators and users manage their virtual infrastructure. A virtual datacenter (VDC) is a cloud environment in a single datacenter or public cloud region. In a datacenter, it contains your virtual compute resources, networks and storage. In a public cloud region, it contains your virtual compute resources and networks.

To access Virtual Datacenters view, click the  button at the top of the screen. The view is divided into two main sections. On the left there is a list of virtual datacenters, and on the right, a series of tabs on the right for managing virtual infrastructure, including Virtual Appliances (which contain virtual machines), Network, Volumes, and Persistent Virtual Machine Templates.

From this view, users with the appropriate permissions can create their own Virtual Datacenters and onboard and synchronize virtual datacenters from public cloud.

Also from this view, users can create and configure groups of virtual machines (called Virtual Appliances) and deploy them to the cloud platform.

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