Abiquo 4.5

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On screens with lists, the platform offers a search box. It may also offer a filter button, to open a filter dialog with text boxes.

  • Enter a text string and the platform will retrieve all entities with that string in their text fields
  • OR Enter a text containing one or more wildcard asterisk characters.

For example, in Virtual datacenters view on the Virtual Machines tab,without entering any text, the user can see all the VMs in their tenant.

To filter by VM name, enter characters that are in the VM name or UUID.

  • Entering "eaf" displays the VM named "ABQ_eaf54af3..."

  • Entering "ai" in the Virtual machine label text box retrieves the VMs with "ai" in their label (friendly name). This is the same as entering "*ai*"

    The platform displays the VMs with labels that contain the words "mail", "prepaid", and "main".

  • To clear the filter, click the "Clear" link
  • Entering "*n" only displays the VMs with "n" at the end of the label. So following the above example, only "Prepaid promotion" will display, not "main app" or "main server".