Abiquo 4.6

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Follow the instructions in this document to translate the Abiquo UI. Some special text elements and their locations are shown in the following table.

1. Download the file to be translated

There is one file containing the UI labels for Abiquo. It will be called lang_en_US_labels.json or lang_en_US_custom.json or similar.

2. Copy the file for each language

Copy the file to a new custom file with your language code added to the filename. For example, the French version would be named as follows:


For a list of language codes, please see ISO-639.2 language code reference.

3. Translate the text after the colon

If you are using translation software that does not directly support JSON, you could convert the file from .json to a more widely supported format such .xliff using a software tool such as Okapi Rainbow and then convert it back after translation.

For every line of all files, translate the text after the colon ":" into your language.

Do not translate entity names in double braces (curly brackets) or change the braces. However, you may move the entity names within the text. The following text is shown in English and Spanish versions. Here the text "{{vm}}" is not translated or changed in any way between versions

"virtual.machine.delete":"Virtual machine {{vm}} deleted successfully"
"virtual.machine.delete":"Máquina virtual {{vm}} eliminado con éxito"

Try to translate the text with a similar number or fewer characters than the source text if possible.

For example:
 "configuration.license.totalmanagedcores":"Total managed cores",
Translate "Total managed cores" into your language, so that the translation occupies approximately 19 characters, without changing the other text.

Be careful not to change the text before the colon, the quotation marks or the commas at the end of the lines.

4. Save the files in UTF-8 format

File format

The language files are in UTF-8 format. You must save the files in UTF-8 format so that your language can be read correctly.