Abiquo 5.1

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To translate or localize the Abiquo UI label files

  1. Obtain the labels file
    • The file name is "lang_en_US_labels.json" or "lang_en_US_custom.json" or similar
    • It is a JSON file with UTF-8 encoding
    • You can convert a JSON file to and from XLIFF with Okapi Rainbow
  2.  Copy the file for each language with a custom filename with the appropriate language code
  3. On each line, translate the text after the colon. DO NOT translate entity names within double braces (curly brackets) or change the braces

    • You may move entity names within double braces within the text

    • Try to translate the text with a similar number or fewer characters than the source text if possible

    • Do not change the text before the colon, the quotation marks, or the commas at the ends of the lines

  4. Save the files in JSON format with UTF-8 encoding 


English label:

"virtual.machine.delete":"Virtual machine {{vm}} deleted successfully",

Spanish label

"virtual.machine.delete":"Máquina virtual {{vm}} eliminado con éxito",