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Abiquo uses TightVNC to provide user connections to virtual machines through the eye icon.

By default, you can configure TightVNC for Abiquo in the file:


Recommended Settings

appletCode += "<param name=\"Scaling factor\" value=\"90\">;
appletCode += "<param name=\"Open new window\" value=\"Yes\">";
inputtype='tablet' bus='usb'

International Keyboards and Apple Macintosh

When using international keyboards or Apple Macintosh computers, change the value of the ConvertToASCII parameter to "no", as shown here.

appletCode += "<param name=\"ConvertToASCII\" value=\"no\">";

Mouse Pointer Accuracy

  • The default inputtype is mouse and PS2.  This provides the most widely compatible pointing device.
  • The most accurate inputtype is tablet and USB
  • When testing VNC, do the following tests for every operating system:
    • movement
    • three mouse buttons
    • scroll wheel



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