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Abiquo 5.0

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Abiquo API Changes

Abiquo is committed to maintaining backwards compatibility for 2 minor releases. If for some reason, backwards compatibility were not possible to maintain, Abiquo would detail the changes in the API Changelog. For example, Abiquo 4.2 should be compatible with 4.1 and 4.0. The best practice to ensure compatibility is to use the version number in the header of your API request with the media type and content type.

For major versions such as 4.0, Abiquo will make a best effort to maintain compatibility with at least the previous version. Abiquo will provide details of any changes in the API Changelog. 

Abiquo API 4.2 Changelog

The Abiquo 4.2 API includes support for all of the new Abiquo 4.2 features. Changes to the API are as follows.

Data media types are now published on the Abiquo Data Media Types page.

9367 - Manage disk allocation (without system properties - eager zero improvements)

9627 - Add description field to virtual appliance

9628 - Get number of virtual machines at virtual appliance level

9631 - Find virtual machines in infrastructure

9720 - Apply firewalls per network

9867 - Get physical machine by rack returns a heavy JSON response

9865 - Show cluster name in infrastructure

9850 - Reenable the automatic send mail after an alert is activated

  • Add subscribers to VirtualApplianceAlert Media Type - Note this was not previously removed from the documentation
  • Configuration of mail as in Abiquo 3.10
  • Add VM name (with related issue 9677)

9947 - CSRF: Replace the cookie based authentication for a request header based one

  • Cookie-based authentication is no longer supported. A similar header-based token authentication mechanism has been enabled to provide the same functionality without using cookies. See details in the Authentication page.

9778 - Guacamole integration for unified remote access across all providers. 

9849 - New API methods and data entities in the statistics resource to populate dashboard widgets. For UI, see  Home View  with  Metrics Hybrid , and  Optimization  tabs.

4.2.x API changes

NAT blueprint for NSX 

New media types: