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This guide outlines the steps to add a public cloud reseller to your private cloud platform. We assume that you are familiar with the platform and have private cloud customers.

  • This document is mostly aimed at customers using Azure and Amazon partner accounts. 
  • For more detailed information about adding vCloud Director, please see the separate document.

Check features and public cloudintegration details Features tables: Azure features Azure integration Amazon features Amazon features vCloud features and integration Create public cloud regions Optionally display regionsgrouped by provider Obtain credentialsfor public cloud Contact Customer Serviceto arrange to consent to useAzure CSP credentials Resellers require pricingand billing access: Azure credentials Amazon credentials Configure billing datafor dashboards Reseller accounts: Amazon reseller dashboard Azure reseller dashboard Create a basereseller hierarchy Or create a complex hierarchy: Full reseller hierarchy Create a full hierarchy Adapt user roles for public cloud Also add public cloud regionsto administrator and user scopes Add compute credentials tothe customers With Manage public credentials privilegecustomers can add them from username menu Customers require compute access: Azure credentials Amazon credentials Add enterprise propertiesto the customers Add enterprise propertiesto the reseller Assign a pricing model tothe reseller Assign pricing models tothe customers Use the reseller enterpriseto create customer pricing models Add pricing credentials tothe reseller Pricing model + credentials triggersprice list synchronization Synchronize public cloud prices