Abiquo 5.1

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To synchronize public cloud price lists, the tenant will require credentials to access the public cloud pricing information.

Before you begin:

  1. Obtain pricing credentials for your provider. See Obtain public cloud credentials

  2. If your pricing credentials are the same as the main public cloud credentials, then you can select the option to use these credentials for pricing too. See Add public cloud credentials for a tenant

Privilege: Manage provider credentials

To add separate public cloud pricing credentials:

  1. Go to Users → edit enterprise → Credentials → Pricing
  2. Enter the credentials as described here

    ProviderSelect public cloud provider or vCloud Director region
    Access key ID

    Identity to access the cloud provider price list data via API. For example, a username, API access key ID, subscription ID and certificate, or another account identifier.

    The format for standard Azure accounts is normal#subscription-id#app-id#tenant-id#offer-durable-id and the format for CSP accounts is csp#tenantId#clientId#accessToken#refreshToken

    Secret access keyKey to access the cloud provider price list via API. For example, an API key or other API credential
    Current credentialsProvider credentials that are already in the platform
  3. Click Add account. The platform will validate your credentials with the cloud provider and save them
  4. Finish editing the enterprise and click Save