Abiquo 5.0

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Abiquo 4.0.2 introduces storage load level rules to configure storage allocation based on datastore load. The scheduler uses these rules to decide if the datastore (and its physical machine) is a candidate to hold a virtual machine. You can set storage load level rules with values from 0 to 100%. You can create rules for the following elements:

  • a datacenter (all datastore tiers)
  • a tier (all datastores in a tier)
  • a specific datastore.

If there is more than one rule that applies to a datastore, the most specific rule takes precedence over more general rules. For example, consider the scenario where there is a datacenter rule, a tier rule, and a datastore rule, that all apply to the same datastore. In this case, Abiquo will use the datastore rule because it is the most specific.

The example shows a load level rule that applies only to a specific datastore.


Number of load level rules

There is no limit to the amount of load level rules that can be created. It is up to the cloud administrator to configure the rules properly to customize virtual machine deployments but you can only add one rule for an entity at each level (datacenter, datastore tier, datastore).

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