Abiquo 5.1

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To set the datacenters and public cloud regions that an enterprise is allowed to access:

  1. Go to Enterprise → Datacenters. The left pane contains a list of datacenters and public cloud regions, which are Prohibited datacenters by default
  2. Drag datacenters and public cloud regions from the left pane to the Allowed datacenters right pane
    If you have multiple public cloud regions on the platform, they may be grouped provider, which enables you to drag providers or regions. To set default Allocation limits and VDC roles for regions in a provider, edit the provider. 

To display the enterprises with access to a public cloud region, go to Infrastructure → Public → select region → servers view → Virtual machines → Accounts

To configure resources, including allocation limits for each allowed datacenter and public cloud region, see Configure an Enterprise in a Cloud Location.

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