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Abiquo 5.0

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Apps Library

The Apps Library (Applications or Appliance Library) enables users to manage virtual machine templates and template conversions, and virtual machine instances.

The Appliance Library is a repository where users can store the VM templates they want to deploy in the cloud. Each enterprise has its own private Appliance Library for each datacenter.

You can download VM templates from public repositories such as the default template repository provided by Abiquo. Or you can upload and download VM templates created in your own virtualized environments to and from the platform.

The Appliance Library is stored on the NFS Repository, which is an NFS Server in your datacenter. The Appliance Library folder is mounted by the Abiquo platform (Remote Services) and all the cloud nodes in your datacenter. When you deploy a virtual appliance, the Abiquo platform notifies one of the cloud nodes where the VM templates are stored (the Appliance Library), and the cloud node then copies the VM templates to the hypervisor. When you want to save the changes to your VM, you can create a VM instance, which means that the platform will copy the VM templates with changes back to the Appliance library a VM instance template.

Apps Library Contents

The Appliance Library contains VM templates of the following types:

  • VM templates containing VM disks and definitions downloaded or uploaded by the user
  • VM instances, which are copies of the disks of VMs running in the cloud, linked to the original VM template definition
  • Imported VM instances, which are copies of the disks of imported VMs

VM template folders contain:

  • VM templates that users wish to deploy in the cloud
  • VM template conversions generated by Abiquo for all hypervisor types

Apps Library Organization

The Appliance Library has categories to enable you to classify VM templates and avoid virtual image sprawl. A template can belong to a category, such as Operating Systems, Firewalls, Application Servers, etc. It is possible to create your own categories and these will be separate from the categories of other organizations using the platform in a shared environment.