Abiquo 5.2

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The Discovery Manager remote service now performs all resource discovery tasks and some resource management tasks in private and public cloud. It replaces the previous version of the Discovery Manager and the Cloud Provider Proxy, which the platform will no longer use. The name of the Discovery Manager remote service has changed from “NODECOLLECTOR” to “NARS” and the web application has changed from "nodecollector" to "nars".

This remote service introduces asynchronous tasks with support for:

  • VDC: Create and Delete
  • VPN: Create, Edit and Delete

The platform's api-java-client now supports asynchronous tasks.

The platform logs this remote service in the "nars" logs, which replaces the "nodecollector" and "cpp" logs.

The platform upgrade will automatically upgrade the remote services. Administrators can then remove the old remote service "nodecollector" and "cpp" web apps.

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