Abiquo 5.1

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New privileges that were introduced in Abiquo 3.10.1

  • Relocate a VM to a compatible host


New privileges in Abiquo 4.0

  • Manage workflow for scaling groups

  • Attach NICs in restricted networks
  • Detach NICs from restricted networks
  • Manage scaling groups


Privileges removed in Abiquo 4.0.4

  • Specify LDAP group


New privileges in Abiquo 4.2

  • Manage virtual machine ISO disks
  • Specify allocation of template disks
  • Modify allocation when attaching a disk


New privileges in Abiquo 4.2.3

  • View bills 
  • Manage bills 
  • Display optimization dashboard tab 
  • Display hybrid dashboard tab 
  • Display VM cost view widget (hybrid tab)


New privileges in Abiquo 4.4.0

  • Manage NAT IPs
  • Manage VPNs
  • Manage restricted VApps and VMs
  • View restricted VApps and VMs
  • Restrict VM
  • Manage enterprise reseller
  • Manage enterprise key node

Changes to privileges in Abiquo 4.4.0

These privileges previously referenced VMs. Note that the API privilege names have also changed to remove references to VM.

  • Access metrics
  • Access alarms section
  • Manage alarms
  • Access action plans and task schedules views
  • Manage action plans and task schedules
  • Allow user to push own metrics
  • Access alerts section
  • Manage alerts


New privileges in Abiquo 4.6.0

  • Manage public cloud regions
  • Access infrastructure view and PCRs
  • View public cloud region details
  • Manage pricing credentials

Changes to privileges in Abiquo 4.6.0

  • Access Infrastructure view → Access infrastructure view and private DCs
  • Manage infrastructure elements → Manage datacenter infrastructure elements


New privileges in Abiquo 4.6.1

  • Manage private IP reservations
  • Manage default virtual datacenter firewall
  • Move VMs
  • Retrieve virtual machine initial password

Changes to privileges in Abiquo 4.6.1

  • Retrieve default VM credentials → Retrieve default template credentials


No changes to privileges


New privileges in Abiquo 4.6.3

  • Manage VDC default roles
  • Manage enterprise properties


No changes to privileges


No changes to privileges


No changes to privileges


No changes to privileges


New privileges in Abiquo 4.7.0

  • Access public network tab

  • Manage public network elements
  • Access external network tab
  • Manage external network elements
  • Assign public IPs to VMs
  • Assign external IPs to VMs
  • Manage virtual datacenter roles
  • Access budgets section
  • Manage budgets
  • Manage user allowed CIDRs
  • View enterprise hierarchy

Changes to privileges in Abiquo 4.7.0

  • Attach NICs in restricted networks → Attach NICs in restricted networks to VMs
  • Detach NICs from restricted networks → Detach NICs in restricted networks from VMs


Default role removed: OUTBOUND_API

Changes to privileges in Abiquo 4.7.1

  • Manage VDC default roles → Manage enterprise datacenter default roles  


New privileges in Abiquo 4.7.2

  • Manage role and scope allowed CIDRs  


Change to default role ENTERPRISE_VIEWER: Added privilege "Display enterprise statistics"  with tag ENTERPRISE_RESOURCE_SUMMARY_ENT to list VMs in grid on dashboard

New privileges in Abiquo 5.0.0

  • Manage availability sets 

  • Assign availability set to VM 

  • Manage bandwidth limit NAT

  • Reset VM guest password
  • Manage mail server for reseller


New privileges in Abiquo 5.0.1

  • Accept virtual machine template terms of use
  • Manage user creation in provider


New privileges in Abiquo 5.1

  • Manage hardware profile types and family
  • Manage the bandwidth limit for public IPs

Changes to privileges in Abiquo 5.1

  • Manage bandwidth limit NAT → Manage the bandwidth limit for NAT. Description also changed to "This privilege allows a user to manage (the) bandwidth limit (for) NAT" with words in parenthesis added
  • Manage virtual machine hard disks → This privilege is now assigned to the enterprise admin by default


Changes to privileges in Abiquo 5.1.1

  • Manage user allowed CIDRs → Change in the order of the list on the Privileges tab