Abiquo 5.0

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Added wildcards to searches. v42_usr_asterisk_t_asterisk_d_asterisk.png

Apps library

Edit a virtual machine template, create an empty disk, added Allocation typev42_apl_edit_virtual_machine_template_create_an_empty_disk_allocation.png

Edit a virtual machine template, edit virtual machine template disk, added Allocation typev42_apl_edit_virtual_machine_template_disk_allocation.png

Virtual machine templates, added list view. v42_apl_vm_templates_list.png


System properties, Security, added SMS gateway. v42_cfg_security_sms_gateway.png 

System properties, Dashboard, added Enable hybrid tab dashboard and Enable optimization tab dashboardv42_cfg_dashboard_enable_hybrid_optimization_tabs.png


Original statistics view now on Metrics tab, removed Reserved IPs statistic, added new tabs for Hybrid and Optimization, added new dashboards on all tabs.

See Home View


Capture virtual machine, Network, added Default gateway. v42_inf_capture_virtual_machine_network.png 

Create datacenter, Remote services, added Remote access managerv42_inf_create_datacenter_remote_services.png

Create network, public, external or unmanaged, added Excluded from firewallv42_inf_create_network_external_firewall_excluded.png  and   v42_inf_create_network_public_firewall_excluded.png and v42_inf_create_network_unmanaged.png

Create public cloud region, Remote services, added Remote access managerv42_inf_create_public_cloud_region_remote_services.png 

Datacenter, Servers, add Cluster name. v42_inf_datacenter_servers.png

Edit datacenter, Remote services, added Remote access managerv42_inf_edit_datacenter_remote_services.png.

Edit public cloud region, Remote services, Remote access manager to be added. See Remote services, add and edit, below.

Networks, External and Public, added Delete IPs button, see Network, private, below. 

Networks, Quarantine, improved Quarantine column with Yes/No indicators.

Remote services, add and edit, added Remote access managerv42_inf_remote_services_edit_guacd.png

Virtual machines tab added. v42_inf_virtual_machines.png

Virtual machines tab, added column selector. v42_inf_virtual_machines_columns.png

Virtual machines tab, added filter. v42_inf_virtual_machines_with_filter.png

Virtual datacenters

Create alert, added Email list. v42_vap_create_alert_create_alarm.png

Edit virtual machine, edit virtual disk, added Allocation type. v42_vap_edit_vm_edit_virtual_disk_allocation.png

Virtual machine control panel, added Backup policies tab. v42_vap_vm_control_panel_backup.png

Create IP in private network in public cloud provider, added Available IP range. v42_vdc_create_ips_public_range.png 

Create virtual appliance based on spec, added edit firewall rules. v42_vdc_create_vapp_based_on_spec_load_balancers.png

Create virtual appliance based on spec, added warning about missing hardware profile and edit hardware profile. v42_vdc_create_vapp_based_on_spec_no_hwp.png  

Network, private, added Delete IPs button. v42_vdc_private_network_ips.png

Create firewall, changed Description to not mandatory.

Edit virtual machine, General, reactivate Virtual machine keymap selector. v42_vm_edit_virtual_machine_general_information.png

Virtual machine remote access through eye icon, with new Guacamole window.

Virtual machine control panel, added Key button to check initial guest password. v42_vm_control_panel_for_remote_access.png


Configuration view

System properties, Dashboard, removed Enable hybrid tab dashboard and Enable optimization tab dashboard. New privileges control the display of these tabs.


On Hybrid tab, add billing widgets including Latest bills, Estimated bill, Average cost per virtual machine. v42_hom_hybrid_with_billing.png

Add show more bills link. v42_hom_hybrid_billing_widgets_show_more_bills.png

Virtual datacenters

Create scaling group, added Create in maintenance mode checkbox. v42_vm_create_scaling_group.png

Virtual machine control panel, added Show password link for remote access. v42_vm_control_panel_for_remote_access.png

Create virtual datacenter, on General information tab, add NAT network and Default NAT IP dropdown selectors. v42_vdc_create_virtual_datacenter_select_nat_ip.pngç


Please see Release notes


Please see Release notes.



Edit enterprise, Credentials for public cloud. Added Also use for pricing checkbox to public cloud credentials. Added separate Pricing tab 


New Tasks tab to display progress of asynchronous tasks on VDCs and VPNs by user


Separate private and public tab infrastructure views and details tabs are controlled by new privileges

Changes to remote services in public and private cloud. The NODECOLLECTOR remote service has been replaced with the NARS remote service and the CPP remote service has been removed

Virtual datacenters

When the user creates a VDC, the platform does not automatically create a virtual appliance. Added button to encourage the user to create a VApp

When you onboard a VPC from AWS, the platform does not automatically onboard the default firewall. Synchronize firewalls to onboard the default firewall

Create scaling group, added option to Automatically create a scaling action

Edit scaling group, added new task to display scaling group actions. 


Create or Edit pricing model, New tab for prices of Backup policies

Retrieve pricing of hardware profiles from public cloud providers (e.g. Amazon, Azure) and add to Create or Edit pricing model, Hardware profiles


See Release Notes for Abiquo 4.6


Home view dashboard

Improvements to Hybrid Billing dashboard charts

Virtual datacenters

Volumes tab for public cloud storage and VM volume support


New Budgets section


Changes to Events and filters



SAML support


Networks NAT tab in Public cloud for vCloud Director

Virtual datacenters 

NAT rules on VMs in vCloud Director

External networks in vCloud Director virtual datacenters and VMs 

Encrypted volumes in AWs


Backup price per GB 


New user interface


  • Support for multiple authentication types
  • Login error view screen
  • Locale flags

Main view and general

  • Footer links added to username menu
  • Main menu on left with icon images from icon sheet
  • Simplified grids


  • Improved graphs and layouts


  • New Backup policies tab in public cloud for vCloud Director

Virtual datacenters

  • Virtual datacenter and virtual appliance breadcrumbs at top of screen replace Back to VDC button
  • To view details of a virtual appliance, click the VM button at the top of the VM
  • On the Virtual appliances page, a new options button contains Layer, Spec, and Instance options


  • Redesigned view
  • In Abiquo 5.0.0, administrators must edit an enterprise to assign a pricing model


  • Action plans details display on cards


  • Edit enterprise - Credentials
    • Create user account


Apps library

  • After template import from Azure, accept virtual machine template terms for subscription, which requires a privilege


  • Edit enterprise - Credentials
    • Display Account ID record
    • Create user account in provider for portal login
    • User portal link that contains the account ID and generic portal link

Virtual datacenters

  • Create virtual machine
    • When creating a VM from an Azure template, user can accept virtual machine template terms for subscription

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