Abiquo 5.0

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Admin Guide 1. Abiquo: Config

Abiquo Proxy Servers

You can configure Abiquo to use proxy servers between
1. Abiquo server/API and Abiquo client
2. Abiquo platform and Remote Template Repository

These configurations are described below.

Proxy Between Abiquo Platform and Abiquo Client

This section describes how to configure a proxy for Abiquo platform - client communications.

  • For a distributed install, (because the proxy is only used for external communication), perform the following steps on the machine running the Remote Services.
Configure Tomcat

To make Abiquo communicate with the client via a proxy, it is normally enough to add the following lines to /opt/abiquo/tomcat/conf/catalina.properties :


Where IP and PORT match the IP and port of the proxy server you want to use.

Proxy Between Abiquo Platform and Remote Template Repository

This section describes how to configure a proxy for communications between the Abiquo platform and the Template Repository. The Appliance Manager and the Appliance Manager Remote Service connect to the Template Repository to download the template definition list, the template definitions and the virtual machine disk files.

To configure this proxy, set the following Abiquo properties. By default, these properties are null.

Configure Abiquo Properties

Add the following lines to /opt/abiquo/config/abiquo.properties on the API (Abiquo Server) and Remote Services and afterwards restart the tomcat server (service abiquo-tomcat restart).


Where IP, PORT, USER and PASSWORD match the IP, port and credentials of the proxy server you want to use.

See also Abiquo Configuration Properties.