Abiquo 5.2

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The Abiquo VMware Snapshot plugin is a standalone plugin offering VMware snapshots as on-demand backups within the Abiquo UI Backup architecture.

The plugin supports vCenter and vCenter cluster hypervisors.

1. Configure Abiquo properties

To configure the snapshot plugin:

  1. Log in to the Remote Services server as a superuser
  2. Set the vmware.snapshot.keep property to define how many snapshots to keep (in date order). The default value is 2, which means that if you request a snapshot backup, the platform will keep the new snapshot and the previous snapshot.


    Restart the Abiquo Tomcat servers for the changes to take effect.

2. Optionally change labels for snapshot backups

To help users better understand the snapshot feature we recommend that you change some UI labels in the custom labels for your languages.

Current labels

    "virtualmachine.edit.backup.backups.button.backupnow":"Backup now",
    "virtualmachine.edit.backup.latestbackups.title":"Latest backups",
    "virtualmachine.edit.backup.backups.tab.latestbackups":"Latest backups",
    "virtualmachine.edit.backup.backups.tab.restoredbackups":"Restore requests",

Suggested custom labels

   "virtualmachine.edit.backup.backups.button.backupnow":"Take snapshot",
   "virtualmachine.edit.backup.latestbackups.title":"Latest activity",
   "virtualmachine.edit.backup.backups.tab.latestbackups":"Latest activity",
   "virtualmachine.edit.backup.backups.tab.restoredbackups":"Backup restore requests",

For details of how to create custom language files, see Abiquo UI Client Language Configuration.

3. Configure snapshots in Abiquo

To configure the snapshots backup plugin

  1. Go to Infrastructure → Private → select datacenter → Backups
  2. Click the Backup manager button to create a Backup manager
  3. Enter the details of the vCenter

    The vCenter endpoint supplied in the Backup manager must be exactly the same as the Manager IP of the Abiquo physical machine, even including the protocol.
    For example, ''vcenter01.example.com'' will not match ''https://vcenter01.example.com''

To enable snapshots:

  1. Edit the Backup policy properties
  2. Select the option to Enable backup now

For details, see Configure backups for a datacenter