Abiquo 5.1

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To configure your VM before you launch it, do the following steps:

  1. On the VM icon, click on the options menu button
  2. From the menu, select Edit 
  3. Configure your VM as described below 

General configuration

To configure the VM with a basic general configuration, optionally change the following:

  1. The Label is a friendly name for the VM. Power-on is in alphanumeric order
  2. Guest setup in private cloud. If your template supports it, you can request a Guest initial password that will be sent to your user Phone number by SMS or your Email address
  3. Fully qualified domain name that the platform will set at deploy time
  4. Hardware profile and/or CPU, RAM and Cores per socket
  5. Description

To enable remote access to the VM in private cloud:

  1. select the Enable remote access check-box
  2. Optionally display and change the password for the remote access connection. Note down the password. 
  3. Before you deploy, remember that for SSH access, your user account must have a Public key. And you will need the SSH private key to log in to your VM
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VM General configuration

You can now continue with further configuration or Save and deploy your VM.