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To enable users to easily create automatic scaling actions, the UI contains a new configuration attribute with default values. When the user creates a scaling group, they can select the option to automatically create a scaling action. The user then selects the metric, and the UI presents the default values. The user can then optionally configure the thresholds for scaling out and scaling in, and so on. The platform will create all alarms and alerts for the metrics, and an action plan to scale out and scale in. The platform will replace "SCALINGGROUPNAME" with the name of the scaling group.

To change the default values for the automatic scaling actions:

  1. Edit "client-config-default.json" and copy the full "client.autoscaling.action.default" attribute

    To provide an example of the configuration, this is the default configuration for version 4.6.0. For the most recent configuration, please see Configure Abiquo UI

    "__comment": "Default values for autoscaling action.",
    "client.autoscaling.action.default": {
      "alarmOut": {
        "name": "SCALINGGROUPNAME_autoscaling_action_out",
        "statistic": "average",
        "formula": "greaterthan",
        "threshold": 80
      "alarmIn": {
        "name": "SCALINGGROUPNAME_autoscaling_action_in",
        "statistic": "average",
        "formula": "lessthan",
        "threshold": 20
      "alarm" : {
        "timeRangeMinutes": 60,
        "period": 60,
        "clientData": {}
      "actionPlanOut": {
        "name": "SCALINGGROUPNAME_autoscaling_action_out"
      "actionPlanIn": {
        "name": "SCALINGGROUPNAME_autoscaling_action_in"
      "alertOut": {
        "name": "SCALINGGROUPNAME_autoscaling_action_out"
      "alertIn": {
        "name": "SCALINGGROUPNAME_autoscaling_action_in"
  2. Change all the default values to values appropriate for your environment
    1. For alarm configuration, statistic can have any of the following values:
      • average

      • maximum

      • minimum
      • sum
      • count (SampleCount)
      • dev (StandardDeviation)

    2. For alarm configuration, formula can have any of the following values:
      • notequal

      • greaterthan

      • greaterthanorequalto
      • lessthan
      • lessthanorequalto
      • trendup
      • trenddown
  3. Edit "client-config-custom.json" and add the configuration to completely override the default configuration. 

  4. Check that your configuration is complete and that your JSON is valid. Otherwise the UI will not load.
    For full instructions on how to modify the UI configuration, please see Configure Abiquo UI

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