Abiquo 5.3

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Administrators can configure the UI with the default icons to display for the operating systems of VM templates. These icons will display instead of the default template icon from the branding theme.

The user interface will display the default icons if:

  • The administrator configures a matching operating system on the Advanced tab
  • The administrator does not configure a custom icon on the General tab

When users create templates from VMs with default template icons, the platform will not copy the default template icons to the VM configuration. See VM icon display priority

To configure default template icons:

  1. In the Abiquo UI configuration file, for each operating system type, add a link to the icon. See Configure Abiquo UI.
    1. The property is in the format: "client.ostype.icon.{osType}"
    2. If no specific icon type is supplied, the default icons will be used. See the list at Configure Abiquo UI#DefaultUIconfiguration.
  2. Edit VM templates and go to Advanced. Select the appropriate operating system type. 

Image: default icon files loaded in the Abiquo default theme