Abiquo 5.0

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Abiquo 4.0 introduces two new privileges to enable customers to control which users can attach or detach NICs in restricted networks to virtual machines.

The privileges are as follows:

  • Attach NICs in restricted networks to VMs
  • Detach NICs in restricted networks from VMs

By default, only the cloud administrator role has these privileges.

Restricted networks may be Abiquo external, unmanaged or public networks. Customers could use them for virtual machine maintenance and control purposes.

To restrict access to a network, edit the network and select the Restricted option.

This functionality is available in the Abiquo API, using the "restricted" attribute of the VLANNetwork media type. 

If the user has the privilege to attach or detach NICs in these networks, then they will be able to manage the network IP addresses when configuring the VM. See VM network.

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