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Abiquo 4.5

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To control the use of resources, the platform enables administrators to create allocation limits at the following levels

The resource scheduler will use the limits to decide if a user can deploy or reconfigure resources.

The Hard Limit is the maximum amount of resources (e.g CPU, RAM, hard disk) that an enterprise may consume. The Soft Limit can trigger a warning for users and administrators that users are nearing the hard limits for their enterprise. 

When a user exceeds the limits, the platform displays messages in pop-ups and it creates events. So limits can also help administrators to forecast resource demand. 

 Click here to show or hide limit message information

If a user exceeds the hard limits for resources that are checked during configuration, then they will see an error pop-up.

And an event message will be generated for the user.

In addition, if a user exceeds soft or hard limits for any type of resources, then event messages will be generated for the administrator.

See Allocation Strategy for information about the application of limits.

See Display of allocation limits on the dashboard