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Abiquo 4.7

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To create a virtual machine (VM) do the following steps:

  1. Open the Virtual datacenters view by clicking on its icon in the top menu
  2. If there are no virtual appliances to hold groups of VMs, click Create a virtual appliance 
    Enter a Name and select a Virtual datacenter, and enter optional values and click Save
  3. Open a virtual appliance to hold a group of VMs by clicking on its name
  4. To create a VM, drag and drop a VM template from the Templates tab into the Virtual machines pane. You can also double-click the VM template
    1. If there is more than one version of the VM template, you can select another version
    2. If your cloud provider uses hardware profiles, select one
    3. If required, select the Tier, which is the datastore service level, for your VM disk/s

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The platform will create your VM. The status bar on the VM icon says it is NOT_ALLOCATED, which means that the VM has not been launched into the cloud.

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