Abiquo 5.2

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In private cloud datacenters, you can create secondary hard disks that are not persistent. This means that when you undeploy the VM or remove the hard disk the platform will delete your hard disks and destroy all data on them.

  • Administrators can control the display of the Hard Disk Tab in Configuration View#General Tab
  • The administrator can force the use of the same controller type and controller as for the primary template disk using the appropriate Abiquo Configuration property.

Privilege: Edit virtual appliance details, Manage virtual storage elements, Manage virtual machine hard disks, Manage allocation when attaching a disk, Manage virtual storage controller.

(minus) To save data before you undeploy, create a backup, or create an Abiquo instance template, or copy data to a persistent volume. See Manage VMs#SaveVMdiskstocreateaninstancetemplate and Manage Persistent Storage and VMs

To add a VM hard disk:

  1. Go to Virtual datacenters → edit VM → Storage

  2. Click the add button at the top right of the tab

  3. Select Assign virtual disk and complete the dialog

  4. Click Save to create the disk, then finish editing the VM, then click Save




The size of the hard disk and units

Datastore tierOptional. Storage service level
Allocation typeOptional. Allocation type of the disk.
Controller type

The controller type of the disk



Optional. On supported hypervisors (ESXi), to force the creation of a new controller of the same type as an existing one, assign a new bus value. Access ESXi to confirm bus values.


Optional. Select an existing an existing bus number or to create a new controller, specify a new bus number. The user requests a bus number but the platform will use the bus number assigned by ESXi. When there is more than one controller, to identify the controller and bus number, the platform displays the bus number as a suffix to the controller. Access ESXi to confirm bus numbers that are not displayed


The name of the hard disk