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Abiquo 4.6

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To create a public cloud region for

  • an OpenStack cloud (public or private), see Generic OpenStack Integration
  • a vCloud Director cloud, you will need Administrator credentials or Organization credentials. To use a region, you will need Organization credentials. For more details, see VMware vCloud Director.

Privilege: Access Infrastructure view and PCRs, Manage public cloud regions

To create a new public cloud region:

  1. In Infrastructure view click on the Public tab.
  2. Then click the add button at the top of the public cloud regions list. 

  3. The Create public cloud region popup will open.

    NameThe base name of the public cloud regions. Note that you can change the names later. Abiquo will create the first region with the name you enter and the others with a suffix of "_1", "_2", and so on. Abiquo creates the regions in order and if a region cannot be created, then Abiquo will try to create the next region on the list
    ProviderSelect the public cloud provider
    RegionSelect one or more regions
  4. Click Next

  5. Create the public cloud region remote services

    Remote services:

    Duplicate IP addressesTo use the same IP address for all remote services, enter an IP address, then click this link
    ProtocolDefault values should work fine
    IP addressEnter the address of the server where the remote services are running. To share or reuse remote services from another datacenter or public cloud region, type the first number of the IP address or server name to open a selection list. To share a Virtualization manager (virtual factory) or Monitor manager (VSM), you must use a shared Redis instance
    PortThe port for the connection to the remote services. Default ports for DHCP are 7911 (omapi) and 832 (dnsmasq)
    NameThe name of the remote service webapp
    Check all / Check

    Click to ensure that the Abiquo Server can connect to the remote services.

    Automatically open datacenter after creationOptionally select to go to the new datacenter

The platform will create your public cloud region.

  • To allow users to deploy in the public cloud region, edit your enterprises to add credentials and add the new region to the Allowed datacenters list 
    • You will require one separate account for each enterprise using a public cloud region, i.e. one account per enterprise
  • To allow administrators to manage the public cloud region, edit your administration scopes