Abiquo 5.1

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When your enterprise has credentials for a public cloud provider, you can create a user account in a cloud provider. From here you can also click a link to access the cloud provider portal.

Abiquo displays the public cloud account identifiers on the Credentials tab.

Privileges: Manage user creation in provider

To create a user:

  1. Go to Users → Edit enterprise → Credentials

  2. For a provider with credentials, click Create user.
    The platform will send the following to the cloud provider:
    • Details from your user account, including the username and email
    • An automatically generated password
    The platform will create an event with the enterprise ID, user ID, user email, date/time, and cloud provider.
  3. The platform displays the user credentials only once and it does not store these credentials
    To access the cloud provider portal, click user portal link or portal link
    • If you click portal link, then you will need to enter your account ID in the cloud provider
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