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In the platform, enterprises are cloud tenants, meaning they are groups of cloud users with their own logical resources. For more information, see Introduction to enterprises. For each tenant, you can assign access to infrastructure and resources.

Privilege: Manage enterprises, Manage users of all enterprises

Before you begin managing enterprises, we recommend that you do these steps:

Create an Enterprise

To create a cloud tenant enterprise, do these steps:

  1. Go to Users → Enterprises

  2. Click the + add button below the Enterprises list

  3. Enter tenant details and options as described below
    • To enable the tenant's users to deploy, allow the tenant to access at least one datacenter or public cloud region
  4. Define the resources the enterprise can use
  5. Click Accept to save

Abiquo will create the enterprise and filter to display only this enterprise. To display other enterprises, click the X beside the enterprise name in the filter box at the top of the Enterprises list. 

After you have created the enterprise:

  1. Abiquo will add this enterprise to the scope of the administrator who created the enterprise
    1. Optionally move this enterprise to a scope with related enterprises and assign the scope to the appropriate cloud and/or tenant administrators
  2. Optionally edit the tenant to set the default scope for users created in this tenant
  3. Create enterprise users with appropriate roles and scopes, for example a tenant administrator and users. Note that the tenant administrator can be allowed to create their own users

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