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Abiquo 4.7

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This report shows the Reserved Limits and Used amounts of CPU, Memory, Storage and Network for each physical datacenter. It also provides drilldowns for enterprise resource usage and charts.

Enterprise Top Level Report

Datacenter Drilldown Report

VDC Drilldown Report

Note: this screenshot was taken at a later date than the other screenshots.

This report provides details of resource consumption and their respective Abiquo managed resource limits, broken down by datacenter. Additionally it is possible to drill into a particular Datacenter to review the datacenters use by individual Enterprises, and then further down to review an Enterprises’ VDC resource usage in the datacenter. To use this report, you must have the Abiquo ‘View Datacenter Details’ privilege, because the report references and displays the physical location of VMs.

Privilege: View datacenter details

Input Parameters

There are no input parameters for this report.

Report Content

For each of the managed Abiquo virtual resource types (CPU, Memory, Local Storage, External Storage, VLAN and Public IP), two values are reported:

  • Reserved: the total of resources reserved, depending on the drilldown level of the report:

    • Datacenter Report:  the limits of ALL Enterprises in the datacenter

    • Enterprise/VDC Reports: the specific Enterprise Limit for the datacenter

  • Used:  the current amount of resource usage depending on the drill-down level.

The ‘Reserved’ limits used in these reports are calculated using the Datacenter specific Abiquo limits that are applied to the Enterprise, so these must be set to obtain meaningful data from the Reserved columns.

The final report pages of the Datacenter and Enterprise level reports includes charts to help visualize resource usage.

Datacenter resources chart

Enterprise resources chart

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