Abiquo 5.1

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This page describes how to configure Azure billing data for standard accounts that the user obtained directly from Microsoft. To configure a reseller account, please see Display Azure billing data.

Your platform must have the billing dashboard feature enabled. Note that the platform provider may enter a price factor to mark up provider prices.

To configure the billing dashboard:

  1. Grant access to billing records to the app role created in Azure for your account
  2. Obtain the OfferDurableID from the offer agreement for your enterprise by going to Subscriptions → select your subscription → Overview and copying the Offer ID
  3. Also obtain the Currency, Locale, and RegionInfo 
  4. In the Abiquo enterprise, you will need to create the following properties:
    1. "OfferDurableID" with the value from your subscription, e.g., "MS-AZR-0003P"
    2. "Currency", the default is "USD"
    3. "Locale", the default is "en-US"
    1. "RegionInfo", the default is "US", which is a two digit ISO code representing the country where you purchased the subscription

After you complete the configuration, the platform may take up to 2 days to display data in the Estimated bill section of the dashboard.