Abiquo 5.0

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When you upload a disk you can enter these disk options.




The disk type of the template. You must enter the correct type (not Unknown) to be able to use the template in the platform. See Disk Format Information. The V2V conversion process will generate the different conversions for each hypervisor installed or for all hypervisors if you have not added any hypervisors yet.


The hard disk size required for the deployed disk in MB, GB, or TB. It is important to enter a correct value. See Determine the size of a VM Disk File. This is a required field.

File nameClick Select file and use your browser to choose the file to upload.
Require datastore tierSelect Datastore tier will be required when creating a virtual machine to ensure that the user will select a datastore tier
Controller typeDepending on the hypervisor, the platform supports IDE, SCSI, and on KVM, it also supports VIRTIO.
ControllerOn ESXi you can enter a SCSI controller type. The default value is the lsilogic controller.
NameDisk name in the platform
BootableSelect this checkbox to indicate that this is a system disk that can be used to boot the VM