Abiquo 5.1

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General information




The enterprise that the user will belong to.

Full Name

The user's first name and family name


The Role of the user defining their set of privileges on the platform

ScopeThe Scope of a user defining the set of enterprise and datacenters that they can manage on the platform


The username for login. After you create the user, you cannot change the username


The user account password. Requirements are set by the options of Configuration → Security. See also Manually reset a user password

Repeat password

Re-enter the password


The contact e-mail address of the user for platform messages, including password reset. The platform will display a Gravatar icon associated with this address on the Users's card

Phone numberThe phone number of the user. The platform will not validate this field.

Restrict access to virtual datacenters


By default, all users can access all virtual datacenters. This tab will not display if the user you are creating or editing has the No VDC restriction privilege.

Select one or more checkboxes to create a list of virtual datacenters to allow the user access.

If none are selected, the user can access all VDCs.





Optional description of the user account, maximum 100 characters

Public keySSH key for secure access to VMs. Add this key before you create your VMs
Allowed CIDRsTo restrict user access, enter the allowed network addresses in CIDR format. This network address will have priority inherited allowed CIDRs. Requires the Manage user allowed CIDRs privilege. By default users can access the platform from any IP address.
Inherited allowed CIDRsIf the user does not have allowed CIDRs, and the user's role and/or scope have CIDRs, then the platform will display the allowed CIDRs that apply to the user, which are inherited from the role and/or scope.
Reset password on next login

If this checkbox is selected, the user must reset their password the next time they log in.


If this checkbox is selected, the user account is active and the user can log in.