Abiquo 5.1

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Example backup configuration of Complete backup


NameIdentify the backup policy to users
CodeUnique code to identify the backup policy in the system
DescriptionDescribe the backup policy to users
Backup configuration(s)One or more valid backup configurations as described below

Backup configuration

The backup configuration consists of a:

  • Backup type
  • Granularity (timing)
  • Filesystem elements

Backup type

Snapshot backupIncremental backup of change log of selected disks of the VM. Uses VMware definition of a snapshot backup
Filesystem backupBack up defined paths in the VM filesystem
Complete backupBack up selected disks of the VM

Using these backup types, the following configurations are valid:

  • Snapshot + granularity + disks
  • Filesystem + granularity + paths
  • Complete + granularity + disks

Backup granularities

Defined hourBackup on a defined date at a defined time
HourlyBackup with a frequency of a fixed number of hours, less than 24 hours
DailyBackup every day at a defined time
Weekly plannedBackup on defined day(s) at defined time(s)
MonthlyBackup once every month at the defined time

Backup granularity options

The backup granularity options are as follows

Don't apply time
Don't apply day 
Delegate the configuration of the day and/or time of the backup to the backup system
Define time in VM
Define day in VM 
Delegate the configuration of the day and/or time of the backup to the user configuring the VM. The user must have the privilege to Manage virtual machine backup schedule
Fixed day
Fixed time 
Set the day and/or time in the backup policy. The user cannot configure the day and/or time for the VM