Abiquo 5.0

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Common protocols

Select one of the most common protocols to load presets

Protocol in

The incoming protocol to the load balancer.

  • Neutron accepts HTTP, HTTPS, TCP

Port in

The incoming port to the load balancer.

  • Neutron accepts 80, 443 and 1024-65535 inclusive

Protocol out

The outgoing protocol from the load balancer.

Port outThe outgoing port from the load balancer
SSL CerftificateFor secure connections (e.g. HTTPS), you can add an SSL certificate for the load balancer that will receive incoming connections.
  • Abiquo will never store or validate the SSL certificate 
  • Abiquo will pass the certificate directly to the provider
Select an existing certificate or click Add a new certificate
AddClick Add to save a routing rule for the load balancer

To delete a routing rule before the load balancer is created, click X beside the name of the routing rule in the list