Abiquo 5.0

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Create private network

Create private network Amazon




Name of the network (VLAN). The name can contain up to 128 characters

IPv6Select checkbox for IPv6 network

Network Address

Private address range of the network

NetmaskFor IPv4 a network mask with an integer value of between 16 and 30


Gateway of the VLAN. Must be an IP within the range of the network address and mask

Availability zoneIn AWS, optionally select an Availability zone for high availability. To deploy a group of VMs separately, use a different availability zone for each VM. To assign a VM to an availability zone, assign a private IP address in the network belonging to the required availability zone

Primary DNS

The primary DNS

Secondary DNS

The secondary DNS

DNS suffix

The DNS suffix

Excluded from firewallSelect Excluded from firewall to define a network where VM firewalls will not apply

Static Routes

In supported providers, optionally select Define to create static routes. See Configure Static Routes using DHCP

Default network

Select to make this network the default network, replacing the existing default network