Abiquo 5.1

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The name of the unmanaged VLAN. The name can contain up to 128 characters

IPv6Mark this checkbox to create an IPv6 network
StrictIf Strict is selected , Abiquo will automatically generate EUI64 IP addresses and you will not be able to manually generate them. To be able to manually generate IP addresses, do not select Strict.

Net. Address

The network address of the VLAN

Netmask (CIDR)

Enter the network mask in CIDR format


Choose the VLAN tag to use for this VLAN and check its availability

Network service typeChoose the Network Service Type, which represents a Network Interface on the hypervisors. Configure Network Service Types when you configure physical machines.


Mark this checkbox to create an unmanaged network. You must manage IP addresses outside Abiquo


Required field. You must choose an enterprise that the unmanaged VLAN will be assigned to.

DeviceThe device that defines the SDN system that will manage the IPs of this network. You must create the network in the SDN system before you can manage it in Abiquo

Primary DNS

Primary DNS

Secondary DNS

Secondary DNS

DNS suffix

The default DNS suffix

RestrictedMark this checkbox to restrict this network so that when editing VMs, only users with the privileges to Attach NICs in restricted networks and/or Detach NICs from restricted networks can work with IPs in these networks