Abiquo 5.1

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Abiquo will use enabled datastores in the datastore allocation process when users deploy VMs, if the Datastore tier is available

NameLocal or remote absolute path

Root Path

Mount point for the hypervisor


On supported hypervisors, relative directory path added to the root path to form the datastore path. If empty, the datastore path will be only the root path. The Directory and Root Path must be consistent

Datastore tierSelect the datastore tier to assign. Users must have access to the datastore tiers or they will not be able to deploy on the host. You can also modify the datastore tiers later in the main Infrastructure view on the Datastore tiers tab. See Manage Datastore Service Levels with Datastore Tiers  


Size of the datastore as detected by Abiquo. Units can be MB, GB or TB. The graph also shows used and free space as registered in the Abiquo database. When users deploy, the platform uses this database value; it does not check the available space on the datastore.