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Abiquo 4.7

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Min VLAN tag for use by the switch for private networks that the platform will create


Max VLAN tag for use by the switch

Excluded VLANs ID

Exclude VLAN tags with comma separated values ',' and range values '-'. The values shown in the screenshot are an example only. Check values with your network administrator.

Reserved VLANs per VDC

Expected number of VLANs that will usually be deployed in virtual datacenters (VDCs). Reserved VLANs x No. of VDCs is used by the allocation process to determine if more VDCs can deploy.
These VLANs are NOT reserved for any specific VDC. If the maximum VLANs or allocation limits can exceed this setting, the VLANs may be all used before this setting is reached. To prevent users from using more than a certain number of VLANs, set allocation limits.

VLAN pool size for VDCs that exceed reservation

VLANs kept for use in deployed VDCs after the total number of VLANs created exceeds the total reserved (expected) number. New VDCs will be deployed in a rack if there are enough VLANs for a new VDC to deploy without using VLANs from this pool.